Winterize Pipes to Prevent Expensive Water Damage

Winterize Pipes to Prevent Expensive Water Damage

Most Water Damage Emergencies in the winter are caused by frozen burst pipes. According to figures from State Farm, about 250,000 homes incur water damage and house flooding each year because of frozen pipes.  Up to 250 gallons of water per DAY can leak from a crack as small as 3mm!  That’s almost unbelievable.

When temperatures drop below 20 degrees, pipes are susceptible to damage from expansion and contraction, resulting in cracks as the temperatures fluctuate throughout the day.  Even the pipes IN the house can freeze when temperatures get low. Here are 6 steps to take to help ensure the best possible chance of avoiding water damage to your home this winter from cracking pipes that start to leak.

Seal Cracks in Foundation to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Crawlspace.

  • Leave water drizzling from any pipe NOT insulated.
  • Leave cabinet doors open in bathroom and kitchen to allow heat to get back to the pipes.
  • Insulate pipes where possible.
  • Disconnect outside garden hoses.
  • Seal cracks in the foundation which allow freezing air into crawlspaces.

Water damage is expensive and inconvenient.  The best disaster recovery plan is prevention.  For Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services 24/7 Call David at Royal Restoration.  580-324-0919