Airborne Fall Allergens in Northern Oklahoma

Airborne Fall Allergens in Northern Oklahoma

The most common culprit of fall allergies for most people is airborne pollen.  Especially here in northern Oklahoma, Ragweed, Cedars and Nettleweed grow throughout the summer, but as they begin to bloom in the fall, the pollen is blown into the atmosphere, invading your home, carpeting, upholstery, drapes and A/C filters and ducts.

Perhaps you’ve seen this video that went viral of someone shaking a cedar, releasing a cloud of pollen, drifting away.

Cedar Releasing Pollen.

Cedar Releasing Pollen.

What’s most striking is that there is very little wind actually blowing, and yet the pollen drifts and drifts without settling.  This is because plants like ragweed, nettles and cedars are meant to proliferate with their counterparts sometimes miles away.  These plants are designed to produce pollen that is extremely lightweight, and meant to be airborne for miles and miles.

For allergy sufferers, this is an obvious nightmare, and the only way to reduce exposure is by keeping indoor air quality high, and free of airborne particulates like ragweed and cedar pollen.  Frequent vacuuming, running the air conditioner, using doormats at all entryways, and changing air filters are good habits for those living with someone with seasonal allergies.

Air duct cleaning is important as well.  Despite the high quality of hepa filters, pollen and airborne particulates will still settle in air-ducts, especially floor ducts.  The pollen in duct work can be a source of irritation to allergy and asthma sufferers.  Clean air ducts also promote more efficient air-flow, allowing fresh, filtered air to be continuously circulated throughout your home.

Royal's Powerful Air Duct Cleaning Services Restore the Air in Your Home Healthier Levels

Royal’s Powerful Air Duct Cleaning Services Restore the Air in Your Home Healthier Levels

If you’re concerned about the air quality in your home, or if you need air duct cleaning services to help reduce pollen levels in your home, contact David at Royal Restoration.  He’s IICRC trained in odor control, mold abatement and air quality. Call 580-324-0919 or send an email.

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